Lira Motorsports Welcomes TraqGear To The Team

Lira Motorsports is proud to announce their partnership with TraqGear for the 2015 ARCA Racing season. TraqGear will serve an associate sponsor on all of the team’s Ford Fusions beginning at Daytona. In addition to the TraqGear decals on the cars, Lira Motorsports drivers will be outfitted with the latest TraqGear flame retardant garments that protect without heat stress.

“Our goal is to make motorsports a little safer without compromising performance or enjoyment,” says Roger Burdette, CEO of TraqGear. “Our banner product is underwear that looks good enough for outerwear using certified, fire retardant materials.”

Driver Michael Lira commented “I’m really excited about wearing the TraqGear Race Pro, Race T and Podium shirts this year. A couple degrees cooler really makes a difference in comfort and focus on a hot day.”

About TraqGear: TraqGear’s mission is to provide protective, flame retardant apparel and innovative performance tools for the motorsports industry.

Their products are designed to be cool, lightweight, wick moisture away from the skin and antimicrobial. They work as well or better in most cases, than your athletic clothing while being fire retardant and safe to wear in the car. In addition, TraqGear apparel is strategically engineered for driver comfort with no seams under the arms or on top of the shoulders.

To learn more about TraqGear, visit their website at To keep up with Michael Lira throughout the year visit and follow the him on Twitter @1MichaelLira. You can also find the team on Facebook at /MichaelLiraRacingOfficial.